Book Trip #2: Reconnecting in Northern Minnesota

During our second week of gratitude visits, we traveled to Minnesota, where we spent the first five weeks of our paddle in 2013. We had the occasion to visit and thank many of the river angels who helped us in so many ways – offering us meals, shelter, boat storage, transportation, and even help with repairs. It was nice to reminisce about the trip, but also to catch up with all that’s happened over the last few years. To those whom we didn’t get a chance to see, we are forever grateful for your kindness, and hope to catch up with you in the future!

A special thank you to my brother, Dave, and sister-in-law, Karen, for hosting us in your home on the way up north and on the way back down to Wisconsin. It helped make our drives easier, and gave us a welcomed chance to visit with their family and with Mom!

Our next trip will be south, to Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Stay tuned!

All the best,

Barb and Gene


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4 thoughts on “Book Trip #2: Reconnecting in Northern Minnesota


    Thanks for sharing Barb. It’s fun putting faces with the characters:)

    • Glad you are enjoying meeting these wonderful people, Julie. I’m having fun reliving moments of the trip with your Summer book club meetings, too! God bless, Barb

  2. Tess Radecke

    My mother-in-law Joanne Radecke knows me so well… on a recent visit she told me about your book— Faith, friendship, fun …. and adventures in service to others, my favorite things too!! She has shared your book with me and I’m half way through reading it, I love it! Already thinking of others I want to buy it for who I know will enjoy it as much as me. You are both humble role models. Thank you for sharing and writing this adventure so eloquently. I live in Stillwater MN near the St Croix river so this all hits home! God bless!

  3. Thank you so much, Tess, for the kind compliments. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the stories of our journey. It was our pleasure to take this trip, and we continue to be blessed by the relationships we’ve made through the trip and the book. We stayed at the St. Croix River confluence (Leo’s Landing) – what a beautiful area! Your mother-in-law is the friend of a close friend of mine, as well. We’d love to meet you, someday! God’s Peace, Barb

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