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What sane fifty-year-olds would dare a Tom Sawyer-like float trip from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico? Barb and Gene Geiger, not only achieved a five-month river trip in a tandem kayak but survived for Barb to write a memoir, “Paddle for a Purpose.”

Not only did the adventurous couple build their kayak, named Donna, and embark on their adventure, but they volunteered with over two dozen charities in the small towns they encountered on the shores of the Mighty Mississippi. When asked how they helped the variety of organizations, Barb replies, “We just breeze in, help for a day or so, and then we’re on our way. I suppose the way we help most is by writing about what these organizations do and putting links to their websites on our blog.” Their faith in God and earnestness to put “feet to faith” makes this adventure travel log unique.

Paddle for a Purpose captures the old-fashioned spirit of pioneer explorers and marries it with a modern sense of today’s world. It boasts of stunning descriptions of the Mississippi River’s natural beauty and a yearning to get back to basics, to imagine and dare to live a dream bolstered with little more than faith and a stretch of audacity.

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Excerpt from Readers’ Favorite Review:

Where some instances of travel fiction can be all about self-indulgent glamour and luxury these days, the work of author Barb Geiger reminds us of a higher purpose to serve others, and to do good work in any community that we come across. Geiger’s prose is bright and light-hearted but also filled with kindness and affirmations of putting your trust in God and doing good deeds for others. I particularly enjoyed the expansion aspect of the book, which is an interactive feature where you can view a Google Map of the journey itself, complete with gorgeous photographs from the journey. This enhanced the experience so much as I was able to fit Geiger’s vivid descriptions and detailed information alongside the real imagery of the events.

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