Welcome to Paddle for a Purpose!

Hello! I’m Barb Geiger. This site is dedicated to my memoir, Paddle for a Purpose. Feel free to browse around. If you enjoy what you see, check out my author site, www.barbgeiger.com. There you can get to know me better and contact me easily. You can also learn about my other projects, including my poem collection, Mississippi Meanderings, which won first place in Local Gems’ National Poetry Writing Month contest. I’m in the process of marketing the manuscript to poetry chapbook publishers. Stay tuned for updates!

My husband, Gene, is a dreamer. Maybe you know someone like that – someone who has grand ideas of epic adventures. Maybe you are a little like that yourself. Or maybe, you’re more like me; you’d need a pretty good reason to hop into a twenty-foot boat for five months. Either way, my memoir, Paddle for a Purpose, has something for you. I hope you’ll join us for an amazing adventure!

“You want to WHAT?” I ask, when Gene suggests, after one practice run in the tandem wooden kayak we built ourselves, that we take her down the Mississippi. The WHOLE Mississippi. Our search for a meaningful journey leads to a faith-inspired paddle down one of the most scenic and powerful waterways in the United States, stopping in quaint river towns along the way to volunteer with 26 different charity organizations. Overcoming obstacles like stump fields, poison ivy, boating accidents and equipment failures, a sense of humor, love and trust in God help us remain committed to the service purpose of our journey.

This book will appeal to anyone who dreams of taking an epic journey and those who are inspired by stories of God working in the world today. Campers, boaters, and nature lovers will enjoy the picturesque settings, the wildlife and the river’s changing moods. Readers looking for inspiration will find hope in the people we meet along the way and the touching stories of everyday heroes who donate their time and talents to offer compassion, care and opportunity to others.

Paddle for a Purpose was released by eLectio Publishing, a small faith-based press, on April 3, 2018. I admire the work they do, and am delighted to join the eLectio family of authors! On this website, you can find a link to eLectio Publishing, where you can purchase the book for yourself or for your friends. We will post current information about appearances and signings. But even more, you can visit here to see photo galleries of our trip – the rivers, the wildlife, and the amazing people we met. You’ll also find an interactive map of the towns along the river where we stopped to work with charity organizations. Pop-ups explain about each organization and link you to their websites, where you can learn more, volunteer, or donate to their missions if you wish. Feel free to visit us often, as you read your way down the river!

One hundred percent of the author profits of the sale of this memoir, after taxes and expenses, will be donated to charities including, but not limited to, the organizations highlighted in this book. We hope you will enjoy our adventure as much as we did!


Barb and Gene Geiger

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to Paddle for a Purpose!

  1. Frank Remfrey

    Best wishes as you prepare to launch your memoir! I am looking forward to reading about your adventure!

  2. Elizabeth Smirl

    Congratulations on the book!! Looking forward to reading it!!

    Liz Smirl

    On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 12:15 AM, Paddle For a Purpose wrote:

    > barbandgene posted: “Hi! I’m Barb Geiger. My husband, Gene, is a dreamer. > Maybe you know someone like that – someone who has grand ideas of epic > adventures. Maybe you are a little like that yourself. Or maybe, you’re > more like me; you’d need a pretty good reason to hop into a” >

  3. Becky Guida

    Looking forward to your book!
    Becky and Gary Guida
    Crosby MN

  4. Mary Johnson

    Can’t wait…

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. janis leech

    I can hardly wait for publication!

  6. Donna

    I’ve been waiting for this! So excited for you, dear friend!!
    May God continue to be your guide.

    • Thanks, Donna. I’ve done my best to reflect what God’s done in us through this trip. Now, after eight drafts, I trust that God will put the story into the hands of those he wants to read it. I’m nervous, but looking forward to seeing what happens:) Barb

  7. Ruth Ann Thuestad

    Congratulations, Barb, on the completion and publication of your book! I know that you’ve worked hard on your project (both the actual adventure and writing about it) and I’m looking forward to reading all about it!! Love, Ruth Ann

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks, Ruth Ann. I’m currently working on submitting it to publishers, but am getting the website prepared. I’ll let you know as soon as I have a contract and a release date:) Barb

  8. Excellent Barb – look forward to reading it. Love, Judy & Ed

  9. Pat Akers

    I remember meeting you in Muscatine, IA at Shady Creek Campground. Our grandsons were so excited to check out your canoe. Can’t wait to read the book and hear about all of your adventures on “The Mighty Mississippi”! God bless you both!

    • Pat – I took a picture of your two grandsons helping Gene pack the boat. Very helpful young men. I hope they are doing well!

  10. David

    Hi Barb,
    I just read the article about you, Gene and your book about your journey. How wonderful for you to have taken the plunge and put yourself in a somewhat unknown 6 months of your life. Change is so good and healthy, and to make it better you helped others during your journey.
    I have fond memories still of Claude Bolling’s music since your Carroll recital. I no haven’t played the string bass since then.

    Best wishes,

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